Bed canopy pictures : Baby float with canopy.

Bed Canopy Pictures

bed canopy pictures

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making the bed

making the bed

I tried to take a picture of these earlier in the week by staging them and got frustrated and left them piled up, out of the way and walking by them to take the other bed picture I thought "oh, this might work". two front beds made up with table scarf, hanky, old night gowns

Pepper on the Bed Canopy

Pepper on the Bed Canopy

Pepper swings like a little monkey from the canopy of my bed. Here she stops to pose for a picture

bed canopy pictures

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Bedrooms canopy. Drapery materials. Porch canopies.

Bedrooms Canopy

bedrooms canopy

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  • Bedrooms is a 2010 drama film directed and written by Youssef Delara. Starring Julie Benz , Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Dee Wallace and Barry Bostwick. It premieres August 20th 2010 at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival 2010 .

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Bed, with canopy

Bed, with canopy

Vintage joke:

Q: What's the difference between a rich Scotsman and a poor Scotsman?

A: The rich Scotsman has a canopy over his bed; while the poor Scotsman has a "can o' pee" under his bed. ;)

Presbyterian manse; Black Creek Pioneer Village; North York, Ontario.

I am a 9 year old girl

I am a 9 year old girl

I really wanted a canopy for our bed. I absolutely love it, but Ariel pointed out (rightly) that I somehow have the same dream bedroom as most 9 year old girls.

bedrooms canopy

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Blinds Curtains

blinds curtains

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Blinds and curtains - DIY

Blinds and curtains - DIY

We have bay windows where the middle window is 36” and the sides 19”. Wendy managed to find 36” matchstick blinds for $6 and some 24” blinds for $4.

The blinds were pretty bare-boned, so I cut a pine extension and used an extra blind as an overhand covering to hide the hardware. I cut the 24” blinds down to 19” with a little bit of table saw time, a long ruler, and some pruning shears. After cutting the sections and reknotting them into 6” sections I stapled the small sections as an overhang on the top, and then with some hooks hung the rest of the blinds underneath.

Wendy got a rod and some drapes for the living room.

The curtains were from a store and had holes, the wooden loops came from a grab bag from a thrift store and seemed to match well.

There’s kind of this Asian vibe going down in that corner now.



Photography takes me along some strange and unexpected paths. This is taken in my bathroom, I may reshoot it in film and possibly with a model in there. We'll see.

blinds curtains

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Canvas awnings commercial : Fabric covered roller shades

Canvas Awnings Commercial

canvas awnings commercial

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canvas awnings commercial - Wallmonkeys Peel

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Market - 24"W x 20"H Removable Graphic

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Market - 24"W x 20"H Removable Graphic

WallMonkeys wall graphics are printed on the highest quality re-positionable, self-adhesive fabric paper. Each order is printed in-house and on-demand. WallMonkeys uses premium materials & state-of-the-art production technologies. Our white fabric material is superior to vinyl decals. You can literally see and feel the difference. Our wall graphics apply in minutes and won't damage your paint or leave any mess. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices.
WallMonkeys are intended for indoor use only.
Printed on-demand in the United States Your order will ship within 3 business days, often sooner. Some orders require the full 3 days to allow dark colors and inks to fully dry prior to shipping. Quality is worth waiting an extra day for!
Removable and will not leave a mark on your walls.
'Fotolia' trademark will be removed when printed.
Our catalog of over 10 million images is perfect for virtually any use: school projects, trade shows, teachers classrooms, colleges, nurseries, college dorms, event planners, and corporations of all size.

81% (9)

Painting a dirty canvas. 54/365.

Painting a dirty canvas. 54/365.

The best thing about painting is that you can paint the dirty canvas and start all over again. Life should be like that too... but it's not that easy.

Tulula ~ Rock & Roll Queen Canvas

Tulula ~ Rock & Roll Queen Canvas

Comission by an unnamed person (can't unveil too much at the moment)!!

50 x 50cm

Acrylics & posca pens on box canvas

canvas awnings commercial

canvas awnings commercial

T - Series 8' x 12' Freestanding Awning T15/GIB or DMT Base: Deckmount Plate, Fabric: Antique Beige

T15/DMT5422 Base: Deckmount Plate, Fabric: Antique Beige FIM s T-Series Umbrella is the perfect addition to your outdoor environment. This specific model has a rectangular canopy shape which provides a good and vast amount of shade. The T-Series also allows you to choose the style of your umbrella with its different fabric and base options. Become inspired and decorate your surroundings with FIM. Features: -Standard Style: Valance Style -Frame Color: Graphite -Cantilevered Pole Color: Graphite -Frame Material: Aluminum -Canopy Shape: Rectangular -# of Crossbars: 1 -Canopy Size: 8' x 12' -Choice of 2 base styles, Ground Insert Base or Deckmount Plate (DMT at an additional cost) Base Details H/D Deckmount Plate 16 dia. x 1/4 thick steel plates, powdercoated in silver color to be mounted to any solid, even surface with 6 3/8 x 4 bolts (not included). Awning support tubes are quickly removable from the plates to eliminate a possible tripping hazard. Recommended in windy areas and for contract installations. Ground Insert Base Stainless steel sleeves to be cemented into the ground. Awning support tubes are quickly removable from the top plates to leave a totally flush surface. Recommended in windy areas. FIM Limited Warranty FIM Manufacturing Inc. warrants to the consumer that this product is free from manufacturer defects in material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase when used in compliance with directions as outlined in the manufacturer s instructions, which includes reasonable and necessary maintenance by the consumer. Failure to follow the given assembly, maintenance and care instructions may void your product warranty. In case of manufacturing defects in material or workmanship, FIM Manufacturing Inc. agrees to, at their discretion, repair, remedy or place any defective umbrella or awning part without charge for the first two (2) years warranty period. For the subsequent three (3) years, FIM will supply replacemen

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Custom Aluminum Blinds. Chandelier Fabric Shade. Metal Entrance Canopy.

Custom Aluminum Blinds

custom aluminum blinds

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custom aluminum blinds - NEW! Enclosed

NEW! Enclosed Aluminum Mini Blind 16"x20", 1" Mini Blinds by Blinds.com

NEW! Enclosed Aluminum Mini Blind 16"x20", 1" Mini Blinds by Blinds.com

Looking for a clean, child safe and simple solution for your entry door windows? From inside or out, our Enclosed Aluminum mini blinds bring a sense of style, flair, and privacy to your steel or fiberglass door window. There are no cords to get tangled and they are sealed between two pieces of tempered safety glass. These treatments are designed to install quickly and easily with just a screwdriver. The easy to use Light-Touch controls allows you to tilt the slats open for privacy control and lift the blind for a full outside view.The glass included with the unit is tempered safety glass, and when installed on your door window, ODL Enclosed Treatments can increase thermal efficiency by as much as 104%. This product is not designed to be mounted on a wooden door. Available only in white. ---FREE SHIPPING on most products within the United States. Don't see the right size or color? Every product we sell is CUSTOM MADE to your exact size, color, and options. Click or Call toll-free 1-800-505-1905 for information and quotes. GET FREE SAMPLES TODAY!

89% (15)

My Old Truck

My Old Truck

1992 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L 4-cyl (8 spark plugs) Manual Trans. RWD.
JetSonic Light Bar w/Siren
1pr Hella Fogs
1pr Hella Driving
1pr Slim Blu-vision fogs
Rear LED cap markers
Rear Flood Lamps (if you tailgated me, you got blinded)

You can see the interface box on the dash that I made for lamp control parameters.

1 Yaesu FT-2500 2m
1 RCI Ranger 10m/11m mobile all-mode
1 Radio Shack scanner (i forget the model)
1 Uniden SportCat SC-something.

audio system was impressive as well.. nobody made 8" sub cabinets that fit behind the seats and allowed them to actually function in a standard cab. I built one. it rocked.

I miss this truck, and it's near-30 mpg... :(


Vintage Airstream Interior " Dinning Table "

Vintage Airstream Interior     " Dinning Table "

1964 Airstream Bambi II Interior upgraded to 1959 ! Aluminum trailerz lend themselves 2 aluminum mini blinds and aluminum machined finish tables !
If I had 2 guess I'd thynk they made Melmac 4 trailers ? Lightweight & Durable !

custom aluminum blinds

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